Friday, June 24, 2011

Fantastically Fun Fridays: June 24, 2011

So as you all might have heard, J.K. Rowling made this big announcement yesterday about Pottermore, a website with 18,000 more words of content about the world of Harry Potter (as well as some interactive game-type things) that is also being described as a collaborative effort between Rowling and her fans.  She also announced that the Harry Potter books will be available as ebooks.  While the idea of a collaborative site sounds intriguing and it's something I'm sure to check out, the whole thing was a bit anticlimactic for me.  Given the popularity of the series to begin with, as well as the way this announcement was hyped, anything less than the announcement of another novel would have been (for me) a letdown.  Chris Wilson over at Slate compares Pottermore to Tolkien's The Silmarillion, which seems like a very appropriate comparison--we all want another novel, but all we get are the leftover crumbs from the series.  What do you all think?  Is this a big deal?  Or is it just a letdown?  Let us know in the comments!

Here are some of the other interesting things we found around the tubes this week:
  • With all the talk of The Time Traveler's Wife, if you are in the mood for some time travel yourself, this website might be just the thing for you! (The Time Travel Fund)
  • Kat Howard brought to my attention this very important question for the ages: Which Star Trek/pop song mash-up is better?  This one?  Or this one? (YouTube)
  • Want to make your own X-Men movie but don't have the cash?  This can help! (
  • Some of the letters at this site are pretty hilarious (and you can submit your own!), and you can get them on letterpress cards over at Etsy.  This one and this one are my favorites. (Dear Blank, please blank and Etsy)
  • In the spirit of my post on fantasy/scifi food earlier this week, here are Lovecraft lollipops! (The Mary Sue)
  • If you're looking for book recommendations in the scifi/fantasy genre, Pat Rothfuss has posted several lists over on his blog that will certainly keep you busy for, well, the next 10 years or so. (
  • And finally, NPR is focusing their annual summer readers' poll on science fiction and fantasy!  So, make sure you head over there and let them know what you think the best is--and while you're at it, post your thoughts over on our forum as well!
Also, next week is "Best Science Fiction Movie Ever" week here at Fantasy Matters--each day, one of our writers will post about their favorite science fiction movie, and at the end of the week, we'll have a vote to see what you all think!  So make sure you stop by to let us know what your favorite is!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!