Friday, June 3, 2011

Fantastically Fun Fridays: June 3, 2011

Here at Fantasy Matters, we post content Monday through Friday, taking the weekends off to do important things like hang out with friends, catch up on our reading and gaming, and, you know, laundry.  Sure, you guys don't have to interact with us in person, so clean clothes might seem unncessary, but we all have day jobs that we'd like to keep, thank you very much.  While we know that you will desperately miss us, we are taking a page out of the Fug Girls' playbook and leaving you with some of the fun things related to fantastic genres that we found on the web this week, so that you have something to tide you over until Monday.  Enjoy!

  • Something for those of you who are facing end-of-semester final exams (Imgur).
  • Want to know what your name would be if you were in a fantasy novel?  Wonder no longer!  Mine would be "Sinead Vermilionshield of the Poison Centaurs."  Now I finally know what I should get tatooed across my back...Make sure you check out the other name generators, too, including ones for Star Wars names and mermaid names! (Namegeneratorfun)
  • I realize that I am 2 years behind with this one, but I just found it, so it's new and exciting to me--and it could be a great way to waste (ahem, spend) a weekend if it's new and exciting to you, too!  Saving your front yard from the zombie apocalypse has never been so much fun! (PopCap)
  • And in the spirit of "China MiĆ©ville Friday," here's a video of MiĆ©ville giving a tour of the recently opened science fiction exhibit at the British Library in London (BBC).
 Happy weekend, everyone!