Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Fantastic Week Ahead: June 13

Welcome to those of you joining us for the first time this weekend by way of Pat Rothfuss's blog post about us!  We hope you like what you see, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about fantasy and science fiction!

We have a great week ahead of us here at Fantasy Matters

We start out with a post this afternoon from Megan Kurashige about the fantastic in everyday life--an idea that she will be exploring regularly for us on this site.

We have a preview of some of the highlights of the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game, a review of Necroscope, and the next installment of reading through The Sword of Shannara.

Our big excitement this week, though, centers on Wednesday's release of the legacy edition of Jason Ciaramella's comic "The Cape"--Kat Howard will be bringing us up to speed with her review of the work, and then Jason himself will be stopping by with some thoughts of his own!

Of course, there will be lots more fun along the way, so stop back regularly to see what we're up to!