Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Fantastic Week Ahead: December 26

Since many of us at Fantasy Matters are technically on vacation this week--on semester break, taking holiday vacation, etc.--we're going to have a lighter week of posting than normal.  We're still going to have a lot of fun, though, since all our posts will be winter-themed to help us stay in the holiday spirit.

We're starting things off this afternoon with a post about the magic of Narnia; later in the week, we'll hear from Madeline Barnicle and Mark Schelske about their favorite winter fantasies.  We also will have a review of Ali Shaw's The Girl with Glass Feet, and we'll finish off the year with a compilation of our favorite posts this year.

So, we hope that you had a wonderful holiday weekend, and that you are able to stop by and join us for our winter fun this week!