Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Fantastic in the Fine Arts: Ulrike Kestere's "The Girl With 7 Horses"

This week, Kat Howard sent me a link to a beautiful photo essay/fairy tale about a girl who had seven imaginary horses, and one day a wind blew them all away, along with the girl's clothes.  The girl spent a whole season looking for her horses, and found them spread around the country, wrapped in her clothes.

Photo by Ulrika Kestere

This story, complete with photographs, comes from Ulrika Kestere, a photographer and illustrator based in Lund, Sweden.

Here is another photograph of the girl finding one of her horses:

Photo by Ulrika Kestere

This story of the seven horses is definitely fantastical in nature, but all of Kestere's work, as she herself says, has a rather dreamlike quality to it that makes it very appealing.  Even this picture of tea seems somewhat magical.

Photo by Ulrika Kestere
So, if you like these photos, I'd encourage you to head over to Kestere's blog to see more of her work.  You can also read this interview with Kestere in which she talks about her work and what inspires her.