Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Fantastic Week Ahead: March 19, 2012

This week is going to be quite an exciting one for us, as several of us are packing our bags and heading down to Florida for the 33rd International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts.  The theme this year is "The Monstrous Fantastic," and China MiĆ©ville, Kelly Link, and Jeffrey Cohen are the guest speakers. 

Kat Howard and I will both be presenting our work as well--Kat will be reading on Friday morning at 8:30 in Vista A (session 63), and I will be presenting on Doctor Who on Saturday morning at 8:30  in the Pine room (session 102).  We'd love to have the chance to meet our readers in person, so please stop by and introduce yourselves if you'll be there!  And if you are presenting your work, let us know in the comments where we can find you.  Here is a link to the complete program, if you're interested in seeing the amazing variety of panels, readings, and people that will be at the conference.

Of course, it's going to be a great week here at Fantasy Matters as well!  We'll start things off this afternoon with Kat Howard's review of Caitlin Kiernan's The Drowning Girl; we'll also hear from Mark Schelske about the line between science and magic and get Peter McClean's review of Haruki Murakami's novel IQ84.

It will be a wonderful week, both here and in Florida, and we hope we see you either one place or the other!