Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Fantastic Favorites: Silverlock

One work that had a great pull on my when I read it as a child was Silverlock. The interplay of historical and canonical literary figures within the book delighted the rather nerdy scholar in me, but better still was the revelation that fantasy's bounds were not "just" swords and dragons and magic. Every thing, every book, every event was fair game for fantastic consideration. I returned to it a few times in high school, when my own learning caught up with more of the story, and Silverlock held up well, maybe even better when I found myself certain that Circe would not do that, or that Beowulf was a bit off. Perhaps that is the real joy of the book: no matter how we view the construction and plot of Silverlock, the characters belong to every reader already, and the fantastic that Myers creates brings new possibilities to such old friends.