Friday, June 29, 2012

Fantastically Fun Fridays: June 29, 2012

Happy Friday everyone!  For all you fans of epic fantasy out there, this video is for you:

Speaking of epic fantasy, do you like reading good fantasy books?  Do you like talking about books with other people?  Do you like pie?  If this sounds like you, join us over at Fantasy Matters Reads!, where we're discussing Guy Gavriel Kay's The Summer Tree. (Disclaimer: you have to bring your own pie.)

Here are some of the other fun things we found for you this week:
  • This week marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Blade Runner (June 25, 1982), and to celebrate, here it is, animated in watercolor. (Drawn)
  • A political ad that you might see if Daenerys Targaryen ran for office. (YouTube)
  • For those Game of Thrones fans who are considering growing beards--this might be worth considering before you embark on your quest for fuller facial hair. (Imgur)
  •  And for those of you attending weddings this weekend (like me--congrats you two!) here are some wedding links.  First, pictures and links to some Star Wars and Star Trek weddings, including one that apparently involved marching Stormtroopers; and then, a post about the biggest wedding disasters in scifi/fantasy.  Buffy's dream sequence with Angel isn't on the list, but I sure think it should be! (MentalFloss; io9)
Have a great weekend, everyone!