Friday, June 1, 2012

Fantasy Matters Reads!

In addition to featuring a guest post by Pat Rothfuss, we will also be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Fantasy Matters by launching another feature of the website: an online book club devoted to reading and discussing works of science fiction and fantasy!

Entitled Fantasy Matters Reads!, this group will read one fantasy/scifi book a month and discuss this book on an online forum, which can be found here.  You can find us any time at, or by clicking on the new "Fantasy Matters Reads!" tab at the top of this page.  You will also be able to see which book we're reading this month in the "Book of the Month" link in the right column of the page.

So, which book are we kicking things off with?

We are starting things off with Guy Gavriel Kay's The Summer Tree, the first book in his The Fionavar Tapestry.  A story of five college students who are transported to a world filled with magic, elves, dwarves, kings, good and evil, this novel is one of our favorites, as is almost all of Kay's fiction.  Even if you have already read it, it's a book (and a trilogy) that stands up very well to rereading.  And if you are new to Kay's work, this trilogy serves as a wonderful introduction to a collection of fiction that includes Tigana, Under Heaven, The Lions of Al-Rassan, and A Song for Arbonne.

We would love to have all of you join the discussion--so get a copy of the book, tell all your friends about it, and join in the fun!