Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Fantastic Week Ahead: July 2, 2012

We are very excited this week to introduce a new contributor to Fantasy Matters--Kelly J. Doran, whose article this afternoon chronicles her experience of watching the rebooted Doctor Who series with her younger brother.  Welcome, Kelly!

We have a number of other exciting things for you this week as well, including another article from Mark Schelske celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tron, my review of Alma Alexander's 2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens, and R.J. Huneke's thoughts on China MiĆ©ville's novel The City and the City.  We also have an essay from Derek Schnake that is quite appropriate for this week--a fascinating analysis of the movie Independence Day, its nostalgia for the past, and the implications of that nostalgia for representations of the Other.

Have a great week everyone--we hope to see you back here often!