Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bands, Birds, and Higher Education: A Collection of Fun Things

If you're anything like me, it still feels like a long way until Friday--so here are some fun links to keep you going this week!

For starters, the Ohio State Marching Band performed an amazing "Tribute to Video Games" halftime show this past weekend--make sure you pay attention at the 6:00 mark.  It's amazingly impressive.

Next up: the movie Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters, Inc., isn't coming out until next summer, but while you wait--have you considered applying?  To Monsters University, I mean.  Their admission policy and financial aid options seem quite reasonable...

And finally, apparently Angry Birds and Star Wars are teaming up to bring the world Angry Birds Star Wars.  Sure sounds like fun--take a look!

Here's hoping this little bit of silliness and fun will make the week go by a bit faster!