Friday, April 5, 2013

SFF Poetry for National Poetry Month

I love poetry. I love the way it engages with language in a way that is so different to the way that prose does. Poetry makes me think in new ways about the sound of words, and the ideas they contain. I try to read at least one poem a day.

So it makes me incredibly happy that is celebrating National Poetry Month by "taking the opportunity to showcase poetry written by notable names in the science fiction and fantasy fields." began its National Poetry Month coverage with a wonderful new poem from Neil Gaiman, "House." You can check back in at the Poetry Month Index for all the forthcoming poetry, including works from such talented writers as Jane Yolen  and Theodora Goss. (The poems are being put together by one of the best editors in the field, Ellen Datlow, so the entire month should be excellent.)

And if you're not sure why you should read Science Fiction Poetry, let me call your attention to this article, from Goblin Fruit (a magazine that focuses on fantastical poetry), editor Amal El-Mohtar, from the April issue of Apex, "Science Fiction Poetry: Worlds of Potential."