Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Midweek Fiction: Megan Kurashige, "Eating the Pomegranate"

I love stories about sisters, and I love versions of the Persephone myth, and "Eating the Pomegranate" by Megan Kurashige has both of those things and more.

A good retelling makes you see the original story in a new way, as well as being interesting on its own. "Eating the Pomegranate" is a haunting story, one that has stuck with me long after my first reading of it.

"Eating the Pomegranate" was originally published in Issue 27 of Electric Velocipede. Sadly, this is the final issue of this very smart magazine. I strongly encourage you to check out the back issues.


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  2. I think its genius, and I rarely get to use that word.

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