Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fantastic in the Fine Arts: Su Blackwell's Snow Queen Installations

A few months ago, I posted about paper sculptures in Edinburgh--sculptures that some thought were the work of Su Blackwell.

I don't think anyone ever knew for sure who the artist was, but I did learn that I loved Blackwell's work.  And although the Edinburgh paper sculptor has said farewell, we are lucky that Blackwell's work continues, most recently with the set design for a staging of The Snow Queen at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

While the show unfortunately closed on January 8th, there are still photos from the production at the Rose Theatre's website and on Blackwell's website as well.

I love how the trees seem to be made out of books--a reversal of the actual way that books are made out of trees.  It's a marvelous visual connection between the nature of the fairy tale and its setting.

It looks like it was a fantastic show.  I wish I could have seen it in person.