Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Fantastic in the Fine Arts: Zombie Art

I wanted to feature zombie art this week, since we are focusing our coverage on the  undead, but the problem is that the undead, and specifically zombies, are NOT aesthetically pleasing.  Rotting limbs, trailing intestines, and more blood than I care to mention--these are not things that I would like to hang pictures of in my living room. 

(I realize that I could take the cheaty way out and feature vampires for "undead art," because there are lots of very visually appealing vampires.  Exhibit AExhibit BExhibit C.  And that's not even counting sparkly vampires.  Which I don't.  But using vampires seemed a bit too easy.)

That said, although zombies might not be pretty, there is quite a bit of zombie art that is visually interesting, or that creatively uses various media forms to depict the undead.  For instance, I'm really intrigued by Kaelta O'Tallaghan's work over at Etsy, where she takes photos of family and friends and "zombifies" them like this: 

She'll do your picture, too, if you send it to her!

Here are some other fun and interesting examples of zombie art:

Judy is another Etsy artist who superimposes art prints over pages from TV and movie scripts, including this one from The Walking Dead.  Oh, and more Spike, just for fun.

The Noupe website has a collection of 50 awesome zombie artworks (note: some of the links are broken).  My favorite? the zombie shoes!

Another collection of zombie art, this one from Vector.  They have grouped the art into two categories: "Tasteful Zombies" and "Gruesome Zombies."  And they have thoughtfully started with the "Tasteful Zombies," so that you can ease your way into the gore.

Dave Palumbo at Tor also has a great piece on zombie art, which includes the artists' own thoughts about what inspired their work.

And finally, Rob Sacchetto seems to publish a new work of zombie art every day on his blog, appropriately titled Zombie Daily.

What are your favorite works of zombie art?  Let us know in the comments!