Monday, April 29, 2013

Gardens, Green Things, and Magic

This past weekend, the weather was (finally) wonderful here in Minnesota--I took the opportunity to get out of the house, away from a computer screen, and out into the beautiful sunshine.

Perhaps the best part was starting my garden.  I have been growing peas inside for a few weeks, and their tendrils are reaching up, up, up, wanting more space and support than I can give them inside.  I bought some trellises, transplanted my growing pea shoots, and carefully wound them around the upright stakes.

In an interesting coincidence, this weekend I also saw the trailer for Epic, an animated movie due out on May 24.  This movie tells the story of a teenage girl who gets shrunk down to miniature size and becomes immersed in the hidden, miniscule world of creatures within the forest.  Take a look:

While it's certainly understandable with 20th Century Fox would make a movie like this, my initial thought was that nature really doesn't need any help to be more magical than it is.  Already, you can put seeds in the ground and two weeks later, sprouts come up.  Flowers bloom after being covered in feet of snow and ice for six months.  Birds return to the same spot, year after year, to make their nests and raise their young.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for seasons, but if these things aren't magical, I'm not sure what is.

I'm sure Epic will probably be a fun film--but you can find me in the garden instead.

By Jen Miller